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In Dynamics CRM 2011, when we create a Dialog Prompt and Response of type Option Set (radio buttons or picklist) we can set the Data Type to Integer which gives us the Option Set value in the response. This value can then be used to directly update an option set field on our entity.

Unfortunately the same functionality is not available for Two Option fields; that is, we cannot have a prompt/response to capture a Yes/No value, and directly update a Two Options field on our entity with the response, without having to check ‘if it = yes, set it to yes… if it = no, set it to no’ etc. This can also be a problem if you have several Two Options fields you want to set at once, and we don’t want to have to do more Updates if we don’t have to.

This custom workflow activity simply takes a string input, and converts it to a bool value and returns that to our workflow for further processing. That value can then easily be used to update Two Options fields on our record.

The following string inputs will return 'True' (not case sensitive). Anything else will return 'False':
"1", "true", "yes"

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Created by Paul Nieuwelaar | @paulnz1
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